AMSTAFF – Wagabone


USA / SIZE [42-48cm] / WEIGHT [28-40kg]

Origins: its ancestors are the Bull Terrier and the Blue Paul Terrier, breeds now extinct. Bred in the British colonies in America with the aim of creating an aesthetically more graceful Pit Bull but with a more patient temperament, this breed is the result of the selection made to refine its aggression.

Myth: Stubby, the most decorated dog in US military history, is an American Staffordshire Terrier. Employed on the western front during the First World War, he took part in 4 offensives in 17 battles. Wounded multiple times, he saved his comrades from gas attacks and even captured a spy, receiving sergeant degrees and returning home as a hero. In 2018 they made an animated film of it.

Characteristics: it is a sociable and friendly dog ​​and must essentially remain a companion dog. It can also be a valid guardian and defender, but it does not need to be trained because in case of danger it will go into action by itself.

Attitudes: Due to his past as a fighter it can be aggressive with other dogs. For this reason, it’s better the owner is already experienced to make him socialize with other dogs from an early age to avoid a character imbalance in adulthood. It needs a lot of movement but also constant company, so it is necessary to keep it exclusively at home but not alone.

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