ABOUT – Wagabone


Dear customer and animal lover, “Wagabone” is a pioneering brand for pet gear, clothing and accessories. We love our planet and so do our animals. Our products are made of premium quality, upcycled, recycled, vegan and eco friendly materials. All phases of production are transparent and sustainable. With your purchase of a “Wagabone” product you’re contributing to a greener future and support the circular economy.


The inspiration to create a sustainable pet gear, clothing and accessories brand came up because both founders Mr. Axel Kolonko and Mr. Siddharth Sinha are animal and nature lovers and have a strong background in the sustainable denim production and circular economy. (Cit.: Axel Kolonko “I always wanted my dog’s to wear Jeans too just like me”, Cit.: Siddharth Sinha “an animal would always choose something natural made which wouldn’t harm the environment”).

We believe our customers are environmental caretakers too, just as their animals are and therefore we’re not offering only a beautiful and functional product but a product that has a third and very important added value it is “Green” and it’s hand made supporting the circular economy.

The founders slogan: “I was a pair of Jeans"