CHIHUAHUA – Wagabone


MEXICO / SIZE [15-23 CM] / WEIGHT [1-3 KG]


Origins: native to the homony northern region of Mexico, it was "discovered" by Cortez during the march towards Tenochtitlán. At the end of the Nineteenth Century it was brought to the United States, from where it spread throughout the world.

Characteristics: harmonious and balanced, it is the smallest dog in the world. Cheerful and extremely dynamic, it is an excellent companion dog but the distrust towards strangers and the propensity to bark also make it a “sui generis” guard dog or, better, a warning dog.

Myth: it seems to have given the appearance to Xolotl, the god-dog adored by the Toltecs, and that it was the favorite of the Aztec princesses.

Attitudes: it believes itself to be a lion, so it should not be treated like a stuffed animal so as not to offend its intelligence. Jealous of his master, it is rather quarrelsome with other dogs, regardless of their size. It obviously has to live indoors, but It likes spend many hours outdoors.

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