CHOW CHOW – Wagabone


CHINA + UK / SIZE [46-56cm] / WEIGHT [16-20kg]
Origins: it is one of the most ancient breeds; painted on  several bas-reliefs dating back to the Han dynasty (150 BC). Initially used as a war dog, tow dog, guard dog and, finally, unfortunately, as a meat; it was rescued founding an adoptive homeland in the England of XIX Century.
Myth: it seems so "strange dog" that legend says that it was born from a cross between a bear (or, depending on the version, a lion) and a dog. It is the breed most credited with being a direct descendant of the wolf. There is an ancient Chinese legend according to which his black tongue derives from the dogs of a seriously ill monk who was unable to get up so that his chow chows collected wood burnt due to a forest fire and brought it to him holding it in their jaws. This dog was also the favorite of zoologist Konrad Lorentz who experimented with "imprinting" on it.
Characteristics: the Chinese name 松狮 犬 sōngshīquǎn, means "dog lion tamed, in fact it is quiet, loyal, independent and reserved. Suitable for the family, even if it does not prefer children, it needs constant cleaning of the coat.
Attitudes: Does not like long walks. It is the ideal breed for those who do not want to be constantly licked, feted. Affection for the owner is a game of glances.

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