DALMATIAN – Wagabone


CROATIA / SIZE [50-61cm] / WEIGHT [22-26 kg]


Origins: are quite controversial; many claim Dalmatians come from the Far East. This breed were figured on shards of ancient Egypt and were used in India for the brutal hare hunting. Others believe they arrived in Europe during the Barbarian invasions on the South-Eastern coasts of the Roman Empire. Their so called "citizenship" today is Croatian.

Myth: legend told that Joan of Aza, mother of San Domenico, had a dream in which she gave birth to a dog with black and white spots that set the world on fire with a torch. The vision foreshadowed the birth of the preacher who would inflame the hearts of the faithful; so the Domenican Order not only will take black and white for the dress, but also the name itself "domini canes". The dog with the torch in the mouth is painted into the coat of arms. The breed was later made legendary by Pongo and his brothers in Walt Disney's 101 Dalmatians.

Characteristics: intelligent, sensitive and a bit moody, it is a really dog "for all seasons". Versatile, has successfully played various roles: from hunting rats to shepherd dog, retriever; from beater for carriages to sentry and, even, dog-carrying-orders during the Balkan Wars of 1912 - 1913; or even as a circus dog and mascot. Full of energy, it must often be taken to run or it will do it at home!

Attitudes: Dalmatians are intelligent enough to pretend to be dumbs when they don't want to obey. Independents, sometimes stubborns, they want an equal relationship with the "boss". Proud, they are an excellent companion dogs and a good watch dogs. They love following their owner while he is on a bicycle or horse; an ancient legacy of when they were "carriage dogs". They should have a garden on their disposal.

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