UK / SIZE [27-30cm] / WEIGHT [11-15kg]

Origins: it is derived from fighting dogs used during Medieval times. They were selected to become real and terrific "war machines". This exasperated selection brought the breed almost to extinction. In 1800, many English artisans in the Lace industry moved to Normandy taking the Bulldog with them; the modest sized were sold to the French. Based on this original selection emerges the French Bulldog.

The Myth: There are tons of stories about this pain-insensitive, rat-killing dog. As early as the 13th century, Earl Warren wrote that he saw some specimens chasing a bull through the streets of Stamford. In more recent times, the legend of a solitary bulldog terrorizing people on the streets of Westminster.

Characteristics: These dogs became brave with a powerful bite as a result of the selection. Bulldogs were used in fights against bulls - hence the name - until 1835, when the English parliament outlawed battles. Since then the breeders have eliminated all traces of aggressiveness, turning them into excellent companion dogs. But just remember, they are very sensitive to heat!

The Attitude: today a Bulldog is a very caring and playful dog. It barks and snorts when excited and rediscovers the ancient aggression only when the owner or, even more so, children are threatened. It must stay at home, particularly suitable for the company of sedentary people, but it doesn’t despise long walks next to the owner.





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