Deutscher Schäferhund
GERMANY / SIZE [55-65 CM] / WEIGHT [34-43 CM]


Origins: the breed was selected in 1880 by Max Von Stephanitz, a German cavalry officer, to save the shepherd dogs that were disappearing due to the fast industrialization of the country. The German shepherd derives from the mix of Württemberg and Thuringian shepherds.

Myth: it is one of the most widespread and loved breeds in the world also thanks to the immense popularity of Rin Tin Tin, the famous star of many Warner Bros films during the 1920s and 1930s. Rinty gave birth to a real "dynasty" which, keeping the name, continued its film career until it landed on TV with the saga of The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin.

Characteristics: beautiful and eclectic, it is a real "dog for all seasons". Very easy to train, suitable for children; always eager to please the master.

Attitudes: game lover, cheerful, can carry out any task with zeal. In Italy and Germany it is widely used as a dog for the blind, but it is also easy to find it as a rescue, defense or guard dog and, often, a policeman.


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