SCOTLAND / SIZE [52-64cm] / WEIGHT [21-24kg]

Origins: its ancestors are the primal Spaniel breed, massively widespread in the Scotland of seventeenth century. These dogs were later crossed first with English and Irish Setters and, then, with Pointer and well-known Border Collie.

The myth: it owes its name to that of the dukes of Richmond Gordon who first selected it.

Characteristics: peaceful, quiet and faithful, his habit is meek. A tireless runner, it needs a lot of exercise and, occasionally, even a few swims. Its excellent physical skills make it perfect for agility competitions. Long-lived, it has the hunting instinct in his veins.

The attitude: it is much more inclined to learn than his English "cousin" and cannot bear to be on the sidelines. It needs to socialize from the young age so that it does not become fearful and shy around people and dogs. It can also live indoors as long as he has a garden or park nearby where It can let off steam.


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