AUSTRALIA / SIZE [23-30 cm] /WEIGHT [5-8 kg]


Origins: can be traced back to England of 1800 and specifically in Devonshire, where the Reverend John "Jake" Russell selected a Terrier for fox-hunting. It had to be small enough to fit into the horse's saddlebags and to go into the burrows. The white coat was basic to avoid it wasn’t being mistaken for prey.

Myth: since the 19th Century the Marseillaise Tarot Cards have a Jack Russell depicted between the legs on the Fool's card because both, it seems, are indifferent to any consequence of their actions.

Characteristics: lively, alert, daring, it is a "little devil", a clown, a gremlin. Quiet and fearless, it is friendly with the whole family. It can also effectively control the perimeter of the house as a warning dog and it will not avoid lashing out at any intruders.

Attitudes: it likes to hunt independently, dig and, it seems, has a strong sense of humor. It tends to be aggressive with other dogs of the same or of other breeds. It needs to stay indoor but it needs a lot of exercise.


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