MALTIPOO – Wagabone


Maltipoo Dog
USA /SIZE [30-35cm] / WEIGHT [2,5-5,5kg]
Origins: It derives from the cross between a Maltese and a Toy Poodle, hence the name which is the fusion of the two breeds. Not being recognized by the FCI it was also registered as a Maltepoo or Malt-A-Poo.


Myth: It is the "dog that never gets old" because it always looks like a puppy in both appearance and character; highly appreciated in English-speaking countries.

Characteristics: it combines the merits of the two breeds. Curious, cheerful and intelligent like a Poodle from which it also inherits hair and color, while its appearance and faithful nature descend from the Maltese. The coat and color may vary depending on the parent. It is very long-lived.

Attitudes: it is a perfect apartment dog. It does everything to please his master and clearly does not like loneliness. If it isn’t trained as a puppy, it may bark a lot and tend to hyperactivity but, thanks to its cleverness, to be disciplined is not tough.

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