SHIBA INU – Wagabone


 JAPAN / SIZE [36-40cm] / WEIGHT [9-14kg]

Origins: The name Shiba derives from mountainous region of Chiba located in the middle of Honshu island, but according to another version, the meaning comes from the Naguro dialectal word “shiba”, signifying small size.


The myth: there was a time that emperor Yuryaku (457 – 479 A.D.) during a voyage has seen a palace just identic as his, and there, he gave the order to his soldiers to destroy it. The grand owner then gave him as a present, a little Akita, a way to save his home. There are sayings that it might have been an Akita or Shiba, but this still stays a mystery… From then on Shibas and Akitas became in all effect members of the royal court with its own special vocabulary to communicate with them. The Japanese government states Shibas as a “national monument” in 1936.

Characteristics: born as a hunting dog, he was converted to fishing and fighting. As his cousin Akita, it was used by the samurai. He is dignified and reserved but very sweet with the people of the family. He loves the children and he knows well how to avoid the ones he doesn't know by giving them a smug look. These dogs practically never bark, not even when hunting.
The Attitude: She is not very obedient and tends to be quite independent. Can live outdoors in any season but prefers to be close to humans. The Shiba adapts very well to apartment life.  


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