DACHSHUND – Wagabone



GERMANY /SIZE [18-25cm] / WEIGHT [7-9kg]

Origins: it is impossible to trace a single ancestor of this breed. The usefulness of the dachshund for hunting in burrows has been appreciated since the dawn of civilization. Teckel is the old German name. The first modern farms arose in Bavaria and, later, in England.

Myth: Walt Disney made a film called “The ugly dachshund”, where the protagonist was a Great Dane who believed itself to be a dachshund, causing repeated disasters. Many painters have adored the dachshund such as Picasso and his Lump which he portrayed in the first study of the famous painting Las Meninas which, later, reappeared at least 15 times. Andy Warhol also immortalized a dachshund named Maurice and Giacomo Balla chose this breed to interpret “Dynamism of a dog on a leash”. Finally, the monument dedicated to Chekhov in his home of Melikhovo is also famous where, instead of the author, only his hat between his beloved dachshunds Brom and Khina appears.

Characteristics: graceful and stubborn, this dog is very attached to its master. Today it is seen as a companion dog, but it maintains the character of the past, when it went hunting for foxes, raccoons, badgers, possums and squirrels. Rather quarrelsome with other dogs, regardless of size, it is only suitable for well-behaved children.

Attitudes: nice and very intelligent, it has an elephant memory. In the hands of too permissive people, it can turn into a tiny tyrant. To be happy it needs to go to the countryside often and not to climb too many stairs. Extremely determined, it is a tireless digger.

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