UK /SIZE [51-61cm] / WEIGHT [25-32 kg]

Origins: the best-known story tells of Lord Tweedmouth's purchase of a pair of white-coated Caucasian shepherd dogs seen in a Russian circus. Another theory would have it descended from a cross between a sand-colored bloodhound and a now extinct water spaniel. Its origins, however, date back to the 18th century, when it was selected as a retriever for prey on land and especially in water.

Myth: "golden" does not indicate the color of the coat - in fact sometimes they are cream color - but metaphorically "golden dog" because it is intelligent, obedient and with an innate willingness to work.

Characteristics: it is a dog with an exceptional character, sweet with children and the elderly; ultra-friendly. Very skilled in the water, it is a great "retriever". It has a water-repellent coat, it should be dried at the base of the tail to avoid the so-called “broken tail”.

Attitudes: the family is an integral part of its "pack". It must always be in the company of their members, making itself useful. It has a natural predisposition to help people in need. It can stay indifferently in the garden or in the house. 

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